scarletteevans liked your photo 

You think I’m pretty!

Arriving at LAX (10.28.2013)
Arriving at LAX (10.28.2013)


The beard does make it work so perfectly. You’d def be top model for sure.

I believe beards make the world go around. Maybe I should start modeling for a living, like fuck school, New York here I come. 


It will say “To William Hudson- For being the best William he can be and taking better selfies than a 12 year old girl”

Achievement! You’re too sweet.


You work it better than Tyra sometimes. I’m jelly of your skill.

It’s partly because she doesn’t have a beard and her eye smiling thing is off. I’m pretty sure if I was around back then I would the top model. 


You’re welcome. I’m going to get a plaque or something for you so everyone knows how great you’ve done.

Ooooh, plaques are nice, I’m going to put it on my trophy shelf. 

You just go ahead and be fabulous Will. Your selfies are the best.

I will, you get what I’m about, thanks. I pride myself on my ability to look fierce and cute at the same time.

You really should be proud of everything you’ve done with your life, you know that? So many talents.

I am proud, and thanks for recognizing them, I really try to be the best William I can be.